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We love to plan at Destiny Events Professional and we invest heavily in understanding you and your audience in order to deliver your event vision. As experience enthusiasts, our true value is shared with you as a transformation of your event into a brand event experience. 


With a solid commitment to best practice in event safety, your values and preferences also underpin the design and execution of your event.

Our Events Services 

Step 1

Discovery Call

Your dedicated 45 minute discovery space

Experience how a strategic event planner can take the stress out of organising your event and open your mind to focus on hosting your event.

Receive a follow up bespoke proposal

Definitively know the requirements of your event and see how your event can happen the way that you envisioned, or more importantly, as an improved version that offers your audience and stakeholders an experience of your brand.


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Step 2

Select your event package

Full Service Package

Day of Event Coordination Package

  • On-Site Management

  • Event Team Coordination

  • Guest Management

  • Event Timeline Execution

  • Health and Safety

  • Set Down

  • Event Evaluation

  • Event Strategy

  • The Event Budget

  • Programme Content Planning

  • Marketing Support and Engagement

  • Venue Sourcing

  • Vendor Sourcing

  • Event Production 

  • Day of Event Coordination

  • Event Evaluation


Full descriptions below

"Having worked with Marie for several years, on a range of events and projects I can attest to her dedication, passion and thoroughness. From concept phase, she ensures that she is in sync with the core values and vision for the business, project or event. Marie delivers excellence, true to the brand and with proficiency. When Marie is on board, I can rest assured that the event will be a success."


Education Consultant

Service descriptions

Discovery Call

Connecting with you to understand your ‘why’ and to investigate the requirements of your event. Followed up with an initial proposal.

Event Strategy

Full consultation to refine the goals and objectives of your event, followed up with an event plan  (action plan) with timelines and task assignments.

The Event Budget

Event requirements are researched to determine the event budget. This also includes budget management and post-event​ evaluation of spend and ROI, and identifying cost efficiencies and how the event ROI can be improved.

Programme Content Planning

Working in partnership with you to shape an engaging programme. Includes gathering target audience research, industry trends and best practice to design the event programme. The event will be optimised to run at the right time, in the right format and with the right people in order to achieve your event goals.

Marketing Support and Engagement

Working in partnership with you to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach and engage attendees. Includes set up and management of the registration platform. Includes design of the post-event communication strategy: looking at how the momentum can be built on from this event.

Venue Sourcing

Providing researched venue recommendations which ultimately work seamlessly with the requirements of your event programme and event design.

Vendor Sourcing

Sourcing of high-quality event suppliers for your events requirements: may include caterers, photographer, entertainers, AV, event stylist, transportation and accommodation.

Event Production 

Working with you to design the event experience, including considerations for the aesthetics of the hosting location, so that the look and feel of the event communicates the event concept. Includes programme scheduling and logistics for the supplier team, host and presenters, and coordinating the event rehearsals.

On-Site Management

Providing oversight of all set up activities including meeting vendors and deliveries at the event venue and building contingencies for last minute changes or emergencies.

Event Team Coordination

Coordinating the event team to support the flow and operation of the event for an excellent guest experience e.g., registration.

Guest Management

Receiving guest enquiries and de-escalating any potential guest issues.

Event Timeline Execution

Ensuring all aspects of your event programme align, coordinating, everyone to be in the right place at the right time enjoying the event. 

Health and Safety

Monitoring all aspects of health & safety relating to the event including the delivery of best practice for Covid-19 event safety.

Set Down

Event Evaluation

Ensuring that the venue space is left clean in order to assist with obtaining back deposits. Collecting personal items and gifts - making sure they are returned safely. Returning rentals and borrowed items.

Delivery of an event debrief providing actionable insights and reporting on your event data.

Service Descriptions
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