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Event Spotlight

This was a SOLD OUT event - 100% of attendees surveyed said they will be participating in the Forum's future events.

Event Type: Business Event - In Person

Client: The Globe Business Forum

Location: Hilton Hotel, Reading

Event Size: 30 Delegates


Driven by a desire to help Berkshire-based solopreneurs and small business owners to grow their professional network and learn from authorities in industry; Forum founder, Ayo was delighted to experience the success of hosting his launch event with his target of 30 delegates. The event was realised as a memorable experience which provided valuable takeaways to equip attendees for business.

Our creation process for Ayo’s launch followed a collaborative working style and provided:

Strategy – We spent time with Ayo to crystalise his event purpose (the ‘why’) and goals. This was followed up with a step-by-step project plan and support services for venue and vendor sourcing including speaker acquisition, photography and videography.

Design – We created brand elements including branded event communications for pre-event marketing and audience engagement. We also collaborated to produce the programme content.

Execution – Day of event coordination. We relieved Ayo of all the logistics and audience communication and made everything happen seamlessly. Attendee insights were captured through video interviews and an online survey. We followed up with a report on the event metrics and key learnings to be applied to future events.

What happened next? 

Ayo's event success led to a series of event bookings with Destiny Events Professional, and have included virtual events on Property Investment and Business recovery. He is now looking at online community models to broaden the reach of the Forum. 

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Event Type: Educational Talk - In Person

Client: Get Real

Location: Harris Academy, London

Event Size: 90 Delegates

Clare had previously run In Person events before coming in contact with Destiny Events Professional and she determined that for this larger event, she would need an event partner to lead on the planning and the day of event coordination. Clare was keen to just input key information and focus on just hosting the event.

Our creation process for this Get Real event followed a collaborative working style and provided:

Strategy – Crystallising the core understanding of her event purpose (the ‘why’) and event goals. Followed up with a step-by-step project plan for vendor sourcing and coordination of the event team.

Design – We took care of the event production, ensuring excellence in the look and feel of the event and we advised on the audience experience, including communications/pre-event audience engagement.

Execution –  Day of event coordination included delivery of the event logistics and monitoring of health and safety – making everything happen seamlessly. Post-event services included an event debrief and follow-up reporting on the event metrics and key learnings to be applied to future events.

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Event Type: Community - Virtual

Client: That's My Boy

Event Size: 30 Delegates

During the pandemic, Giselle launched a community for parents. She had previous experience of running virtual events and determined that she wanted to step away from the event production side for her next event. Her Goal Setting workshop was produced by Destiny Events Professional.  

With a laser focus on the event experience, we provided hands-on:

Design – We took care of the event production; all aspects of the audience and speaker experience were intentionally designed and executed with use of a  detailed programme scheduling and logistics for the supplier team, host and presenters. The service also included delivery of event rehearsals.

Execution – As the designated point of contact for the event, we coordinated and briefed the event team, managed the technical team and provided Giselle with relevant updates and solutions during the live event in order to create the best audience experience.  

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Event Type: Virtual Experiences - Conferences, Workshops, Summits and Press Releases

Client: SpotMe 

End Client: Fortune 500 and leading companies 

Event Size: 50 - 900 Delegates

We work with the latest and greatest digital production tools to deliver global virtual experiences. We typically manage the live coordination of up to 5 events a month, working with teams of event technologists, event producers, project managers and design experts.

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"I have worked with Marie on several different international projects. She is very professional and her communication and planning skills are impressive. She has a great approach towards all kind of stakeholders and team members. It was a big pleasure working with her. Her work is outstanding"


 Project Manager, SpotMe

  Let us show you the value of an event partnership. We invite you to connect for your upcoming event.

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