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                 Marie Kuffour, Ba Hons, Dip.,VEIP 

Fitting in has never really been a part of the script for Founder, Marie Kuffour. The pursuit to express her creative self started from an early age - she was writing her own songs from as young as 10 years old and creating and performing in live shows with her siblings and friends throughout her teenage years. This creative stroke and ability to execute ideas led to her frequent election as the chief organiser for family occasions and community events.       

Only time would tell that these early experiences were planting seeds for what would become a specialism for creating bespoke events.

At the age of 22, with a business studies degree and some professional project experience under her belt - the defining moment of desiring to run her own professional event service, was birthed after planning her wedding.


Despite having this 'moment', the focus to initiate soon faded when Marie faced a personal crisis - not being able to have children. The pain and torment of this experience consumed her entirely, her identity, her passions, and her wellbeing. For several years, Marie resolved that she would likely remain unhappy and as an underachiever in life.

Five years went by and a glimmer of hope eventually entered her life when she developed a friendship with a woman in her singing group. Conversations soon went from music to personal interests to business, and Marie quickly learned that her newfound friend was a global powerhouse in the world of provocative coaching. Totally inspired by her friend's passion and plan to launch an independent executive coaching and consultancy company, Marie sought to understand the vision and drive of this woman. The discovery of having a growth mindset ignited a 180-degree shift in Marie's life.   

Within six months, Marie was hired as the first employee and supported the launch of her friend's company. The role of event manager reignited Marie's passion for events and at what seemed like the oddest timing, the dream of motherhood came true for Marie with the birth of her miracle twins, Amarii and Amanya. 

Yes, this was Marie's destiny. The eight-year journey to motherhood stands as Marie's defining moment that led to taking the steps to unlock her potential and do what she really loves – running her own professional event service. 

Under the guidance and mentorship of the International Wedding Academy, Destiny Events Professional was launched in 2018, as a part-time sole-owned business providing event planning and management services for Berkshire-based clients hosting weddings and special events. 


With frequent client feedback citing that Destiny Events Professional events felt like bespoke experiences, Marie made a commitment to become an expert at creating brand experiences.

Though there has been great devastation to the events industry due to the global pandemic, it is the past lessons of resilience and progressive mindset that have inspired Marie to reimagine Destiny Events Professional as an event management service now serving entrepreneurs and leading brands.

Marie is proud to champion clients ready to break new ground and connect meaningfully with their audience to advance lives. With her experience in venue management, professional virtual events, and industry certifications as a Safer Event Organiser and a Virtual Event Institute Professional (VEIP), Marie is thoroughly equipped to provide a solid base for successful brand event experiences.  


ABOUT: About

‘’Marie works efficiently and professionally to help you realise the vision of your event. She has a keen eye for detail and has managed two events for GET REAL. I recommend Marie’s services and look forward to working with her again.’’


GET REAL, Founder

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