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Black Tech Queens - 3 Lessons From Beautiful Chaos

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Late June saw the exclusive interview of Destiny Events Professional with Karimah Campbell of Black Tech Queens. I shared the journey about the evolvement into tech through to what’s on the horizon for the events industry.

Black Tech Queens is a platform for Black women in tech to:

  • Inspire each other and future talent

  • Help achieve our aspiration

  • Recognise and celebrate our achievement

In light of the interview response which saw viewers citing the interview as ‘inspirational’ and a ‘positive challenge to help people to work on their dream’, it felt right to share a short blog featuring the 3 key messages which resonated with viewers.

  1. Embrace your curiosity

When faced with a major life crisis - inevitably a time of fear and chaos, there is always a choice to make. I’m referring to the choice of (1) Taking no action - becoming subject to the chaos; and choice (2) Taking action - exploring the chaos. Ironically both choices launch you further into the unknown.

At the start of the pandemic, I sat uncomfortably in the place of ‘no action’ and the unbearable tension soon resulted in burning questions that needed answers. The questions I had were simple: ‘What do I do NOW? What’s the strategy?’ My mission was to find a resource or support network and when I put that out into the atmosphere, it was what I attracted. Through a Google search I was eventually led to align with The Academy of Woman Entrepreneurs who had just launched a 12 week, Covid specific coaching programme. My lifeline appeared! I was given direction and the steer to listen to my clients in order to understand their current needs.

Life lesson: Curiosity is the seed for innovation.

2. Put the work in

Once I identified the need, I knew the solution required me to adapt to be able to provide virtual events services for my clients. I then moved into a space of becoming obsessed with understanding the solution - as a detailed person with a value of delivering in excellence, I wanted my new offer to bring maximum value and impact. This meant putting in the work! Investing in industry training as well as gaining work experience to understand all aspects of virtual events creation and production.

The result achieved by not taking a short cut but investing heavily? An improved, levelled up event professional ready and able to navigate events in the new landscape. It was also a joy to celebrate my specialism (in virtual events) when I was listed in the first cohort of event professionals accredited by the Virtual Events Institute (VEI).

Life lesson: Don’t just tiptoe - indulge to level up!

3. Build relationships

Nothing on the planet earth can replace the importance of PEOPLE. People need people for survival, to grow and to thrive and this is a portable truth for every aspect of life.

The pandemic has seen me connect with people in the business world more openly and adopting a relationship focus. My genuine interest is to know the person - know their story and their interests and goals, and this has led to manifold synergies that have resulted in business growth opportunities. I have also seen the tangible value I bring to others.

Life lesson: Live out your values - the business world needs you to show up as you!

These key messages give a flavour of the full Black Tech Queens interview which can be viewed here

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